To Shag or Not to Shag


So your vision of a shag rug is in the family room at the Brady’s (as in Brady Bunch) house. The saying that if you keep something long enough it will come back into style…it may be true. Shag rugs are the perfect example. We all had them at one time in our lives- some were bright orange and some were so shaggy you couldn’t vacuum them and had to shake them out to clean them. Well- they are back and stronger than ever. Bedrooms, family rooms, kids rooms, you name it- a shag rug can work in any space. The greatest thing about a shag rug is that they can work with just about any décor and any fabrics. Shag rugs come in a multitude of colors, fibers, textures and sizes and can truly give your room a very cozy, very warm, updated look. Shags aren’t for everyone but if you are looking for a rug that will easily blend into your décor and create a comfortable room that everyone wants to hang out in this may be perfect for you!

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