It's All About the Kids!


Let’s face it…the kids rule the family so let’s make sure they have the room of their dreams. Kids usually have a lot to say about their rooms- from the paint color to the bedding to the very important rug. The rug is going to pull it all together and make a statement in the room. Whether it’s a hot pink shag or a navy blue stripe, the rug is key to the finished result. Kid’s rooms are a reflection of their personalities and for a minimal investment you can make your little prince or princess very happy. The good news is when hot pink is no longer their “thing” it’s an easy fix and a new rug will transform the look of the room all over again. So let them have a say in this decision and even if you cringe a little at their choice, it’s important that they love their personal space and feel like they had something to do with it.

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