Designing Outdoors…


Decorating your home is not just for the inside anymore. Outdoor living spaces can be comfortable and stylish and can create a “room” in your home that will quickly become a favorite gathering place. Indoor/outdoor rugs are the perfect accent to help create the perfect space and will add decorative warmth to your patio or deck. They are made from synthetic fibers that are lightweight and dry easily and are made to resist sun, rain and mold with little to no maintenance needed. The designs, colors and patterns of indoor/outdoor carpets are so beautiful that they can be enjoyed inside the home as well as outside. They are a perfect solution for under a kitchen table where spills, food and even pets will not be an issue because they are extremely stain resistant. With all the amazing options, an indoor/outdoor rug can be the perfect solution for your open air living space or for the interior of your home.

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