Size Matters…


Choosing the perfect area rug can be challenging…colors, design and style- all have to be considered. The first question our customers ask is “what size area rug do I need?” There are several things to consider when figuring out what the ideal size rug is for your room.

Here are some guidelines:

The Dining Room:

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The key is your table size and making sure to add at least 24” all the way around to avoid the chairs going off the rug when they are pushed back. The most common dining room rug sizes are 8 x 10 and 9 x 12.

The Living Room:

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The size of the room and the placement of the furniture is a large consideration when determining the size of your living room rug.

For very large rooms you may want to have all of the furniture sitting on the rug to "warm" the space up. Always leave at least 18” of bare floor showing around the room and avoid having the rug in walkways.

When the furniture is positioned against the wall, aim to have the front 2 legs of all of the furniture on the rug. This unifies the furniture and creates a cozy seating area.

For smaller living rooms, a small area rug can be centered under the coffee table and serve more as an accent piece.

The Bedroom:

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Extend the rug 12-18 inches around the bed. For an area rug to look balanced under a bed, it should be large enough to extend beyond the sides of the bed. For a King or Queen size bed, it should extend at least 18” and for a full or twin, it should extend at least 12”. Use the size of the room to determine the overall size but have at least 12-18” around the bed as a starting point.

There are NO rules in determining the perfect rug size. It’s all about how you ideally want the room to look. These options and guidelines are a good starting point.

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