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American Rug Craftsman Rugs

Marked by a truly American style and made in the U.S.A, area rugs by American Rug Craftsman feature innovative design, quality material, and original style. rug selection

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Amerixcan Rug Craftsman


Marked by a truly American style and products made right here in the United States of America, the American Rugs Craftsman slogan, "Authentically American" speaks to a lifestyle that is at the very core of everything the brand stands for.


Rugs made in America

Each American Rug Craftsman collection is crafted on American soil, the essence of the brand itself. Their original style is characterized by innovative design and quality materials.

Proudly produced in the foothills of Northwest Georgia, the birthplace of the rug industry, American Rug Craftsman's premium US-made woven area rug and accent rugs offer thoughtful designs and innovations to meet the needs of the modern American home. The perfect blend of classic and contemporary, their rugs are manufactured with time-tested construction techniques and modern color schemes that can be adapted to any room.

The American Rug Craftsman name is part of the Mohawk brand, recently renewed with an updated design and style in order to fill a void in the area rug marketplace. More and more consumers want to purchase products made in the USA, sold by American companies and backed by American customer service. American Rug Craftsman fills that void by fulfilling all three demands in the area rug industry.

When you shop American Rug Craftsman products, you'll find fashion-forward area rugs in a variety of stylish colors, all of which are designed, manufactured, delivered and fully serviced by American citizens. This is the hallmark of the brand, the goal of which to keep absolutely everything, from labor to the raw materials used in manufacturing, uniquely American. Quality control is performed at American facilities, which keep an abundant inventory of all American Rug Craftsman collections ready to ship around the country.

American Smartstrand fibers

American Rug Craftsman products can also be distinguished by the materials used to create them. All American Rug Craftsman rugs are crafted with fibers that were made in America. Weave types featured in their collections range from tufted to woven to printed rug lines, made from trusted, high-quality Mohawk fibers such as nylon, polypropylene, and PET.

American Rug Craftsman has introduced the very first woven area rugs ever made from Mohawk's popular Smartstrand Triexta fibers, which Mohawk Flooring uses to manufacture its incredibly soft assortment of broadloom carpets. Smartstrand is one of the brand's top performing revolutionary fibers, truly first in its class.

Affordable American products for the middle market

The Rug Corner is proud to carry dozens of American Rug Craftsman collections at affordable prices. The price, style and attitude of these rugs is geared toward design-conscious homeowners looking for value at prices that just can't be matched by high-end retailers.

These area rugs are designed with durable backings that are made to last for many years. That, combined with a lifetime stain and soil warranty, ensures that your investment in softness, warmth and comfort is sound in addition to being cost-effective.

Daring designs & fresh fibers

Before "Authentically American," American Rug Craftsman used the slogan "Daring, Different and First." That spirit has not left the brand despite its rejuvenated relaunch, as they still offer a variety of unique products made with the softest, most durable weaving yarns available today. American Rug Craftsman is in the unique position of being able to offer the best design and construction in the industry as backed by the Mohawk name, in addition to the best pricing and delivery available to rug consumers.

American Rug Craftsman products are available in every imaginable size and shape, from full-size rugs to cover your entire floor to smaller rugs ideal for seating arrangements. Also available are a variety of rounds and hallway runners. All products are 100% made and delivered in the USA.

Proudly American, proudly green

American Rug Craftsman is also committed to the initiative of constant improvement toward sustainability, and environmental and economic stewardship. The brand's focus on green processes and products is matched by its focus on the American people.

Characterized by the optimization of energy consumption, the pursuit of alternative energy solutions, the minimization of water usage and innovative waste reuse and recycling processes, American Rug Craftsman's green strategy is one that they view as imperative for business success. They are mindful of the impact they have on the environment, so almost every one of their rugs contains recycled or renewable content.





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