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dynamic ancient garden rug selection

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Ancient Garden is the hottest collection that Dynamic Rugs has to offer! It's The Rug Corner's best-selling collection from Dynamic Rugs, and with good reason - the unique, distinguished look of Ancient Garden is on par with the high-end quality we've come to expect from the Dynamic Rugs brand, propelling this collection far beyond any competition.


A return to the classics

Dynamic Rugs has skillfully recreated the look of traditional turn-of-the-century Persian patterns with their exciting and sophisticated Ancient Garden collection. The collection cleverly combines fresh, modern construction techniques with antique shades from sun-washed colors, mixed softly with the low-contrast patterns popular in today's fashion in this collection.

You'll find field colors of champagne, dusted blues, soft greens, creams, malts and luxurious deep blacks and ruby red blended into Ancient Garden's designs. Bring home an area rug from the Dynamic Rugs Ancient Garden collection, and you're bringing home a fashion statement.

A modern touch

The fabulous Ancient Garden collection is woven in Belgium using DECOLAN, which is a fine, wool-like synthetic propylene fiber, at nearly a million points for square meter. This achieves a fine, pencil-point finish and design clarity in each piece. The collection also features a de-lustered finish, soft hand, solid retention of pile, and highly intricate design definition, adding to the excellent clarity of its color.

Ancient Garden is Wilton-woven, meaning continuous yarns are used to produce different surface textures and patterns, appearing looped or like cut velvet. This creates a refined, hand-knotted look and feel that stands out above all other machine-made rugs. Wilton-woven rugs are known for their strength and their ability to hold up in high-traffic areas, as well as their contrasting elegant style.

Style for any area of your home

The Dynamic Rugs Ancient Garden collection is beautifully suited to grace any floor in your home, from large rugs for sitting areas and runners for hallways, to smaller pieces that work well in kitchens or smaller rooms. At The Rug Corner, you can browse this hot collection by size, price, style, color and weave to locate the high-end looks you crave at a low cost that won't break your home decorating budget.

Choose from 45 unique rug designs in the Ancient Garden collection, available from The Rug Corner in enough color combinations to virtually ensure that you'll find a rug to match your existing d├ęcor!

A reputation for quality

Dynamic Rugs is well-known internationally for its artfully created rug collections. They are a full-service company, established in 1994 with the goal of providing quality, honesty, fair dealings, innovation, selection, and prompt fulfilment of promises to its customers.

When you select an area rug in the Ancient Garden collection, you're purchasing not just a rug, but an excellent service experience. Dynamic Rugs is devoted to customers, providing fashion, value and service with every purchase. As the manufacturer of your new rug, Dynamic Rugs is there for you to call for any help you may need or just with general questions regarding the overall care, maintenance and warranty of your rug.





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