Dalyn Product Line


Welcome to the transitional warmth of Aero’s fashion forward styling. A rich variety of patterns ranging from bohemian to transitional to contemporary ensure you find the perfect rug for your decor.

Dalyn's Aero - AE10 in Baltic
Dalyn's Aero - AE11 in Baltic
Dalyn's Aero - AE11 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Aero - AE12 in Earth
Dalyn's Aero - AE12 in Ocean
Dalyn's Aero - AE1 in Robins Egg
Dalyn's Aero - AE2 in Baltic
Dalyn's Aero - AE2 in Silver
Dalyn's Aero - AE3 in Multi
Dalyn's Aero - AE4 in Silver
Dalyn's Aero - AE4 in Wheat
Dalyn's Aero - AE5 in Putty
Dalyn's Aero - AE6 in Baltic
Dalyn's Aero - AE7 in Pewter
Dalyn's Aero - AE8 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Aero - AE8 in Mocha
Dalyn's Aero - AE8 in Multi
Dalyn's Aero - AE9 in Baltic


Have you been searching for a rug with traditional design and trendy color to pull your room together? Then look no further! Amanti fits the bill. Its fashionable colors, distressed low-profile and Persian styling is art for your floors.

Dalyn's Amanti - AM1 in Blush
Dalyn's Amanti - AM1 in Ginger
Dalyn's Amanti - AM1 in Granite
Dalyn's Amanti - AM1 in Mist
Dalyn's Amanti - AM2 in Aruba
Dalyn's Amanti - AM2 in Brick
Dalyn's Amanti - AM2 in Midnight
Dalyn's Amanti - AM2 in Navy
Dalyn's Amanti - AM3 in Cardinal
Dalyn's Amanti - AM3 in Cobalt
Dalyn's Amanti - AM3 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Amanti - AM3 in Copper
Dalyn's Amanti - AM3 in Gold
Dalyn's Amanti - AM3 in Plum
Dalyn's Amanti - AM3 in Steel
Dalyn's Amanti - AM3 in Taupe
Dalyn's Amanti - AM4 in Dove
Dalyn's Amanti - AM4 in Mushroom
Dalyn's Amanti - AM4 in Walnut
Dalyn's Amanti - AM5 in Riviera
Dalyn's Amanti - AM5 in Tuscan


Add a distressed, yet modern statement to your room with our Antigua collection. Blended colors give each rug layers of interesting texture.

Dalyn's Antigua - AN10 in Mocha
Dalyn's Antigua - AN11 in Blue
Dalyn's Antigua - AN11 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Antigua - AN11 in Pewter
Dalyn's Antigua - AN1 in Mocha
Dalyn's Antigua - AN2 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Antigua - AN3 in Linen
Dalyn's Antigua - AN4 in Paprika
Dalyn's Antigua - AN5 in Linen
Dalyn's Antigua - AN5 in Mocha
Dalyn's Antigua - AN5 in Navy
Dalyn's Antigua - AN6 in Grey
Dalyn's Antigua - AN6 in Linen
Dalyn's Antigua - AN7 in Linen
Dalyn's Antigua - AN7 in Navy
Dalyn's Antigua - AN7 in Sky
Dalyn's Antigua - AN8 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Antigua - AN9 in Chocolate


Classic designs with an antique patina. Updated, cutting edge colors in soft yarns for shimmer and shine.

Dalyn's Antiquity - AQ1330 in Grey
Dalyn's Antiquity - AQ160 in Teal
Dalyn's Antiquity - AQ1 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Antiquity - AQ1 in Grey
Dalyn's Antiquity - AQ1 in Pink
Dalyn's Antiquity - AQ1 in Tangerine
Dalyn's Antiquity - AQ1 in Teal
Dalyn's Antiquity - AQ530 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Antiquity - AQ530 in Ivory


One of our most chic collections, Arturro features a soft, thick yarn combined with a thin, shiny accent yarn for an incredible statement of fashion.

Dalyn's Arturro - AT10 in Canyon
Dalyn's Arturro - AT10 in Stone
Dalyn's Arturro - AT11 in Navy
Dalyn's Arturro - AT12 in Creekside
Dalyn's Arturro - AT13 in Indigo
Dalyn's Arturro - AT1 in Paprika
Dalyn's Arturro - AT2 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Arturro - AT3 in Denim
Dalyn's Arturro - AT3 in Taupe
Dalyn's Arturro - AT4 in Ash
Dalyn's Arturro - AT5 in Multi
Dalyn's Arturro - AT6 in Denim
Dalyn's Arturro - AT6 in Sand
Dalyn's Arturro - AT7 in Navy
Dalyn's Arturro - AT9 in Denim
Dalyn's Arturro - AT9 in Khaki


Ultimate antiqued replica with fringe and cotton foundation for soft hand. 14 designs in 6 standard sizes.

Dalyn's Baku - BU1 in Aloe
Dalyn's Baku - BU1 in Lemon
Dalyn's Baku - BU1 in Mandarin
Dalyn's Baku - BU1 in Ocean
Dalyn's Baku - BU1 in Pewter
Dalyn's Baku - BU1 in Tropical Punch
Dalyn's Baku - BU1 in Walnut
Dalyn's Baku - BU2 in Canyon
Dalyn's Baku - BU2 in Navy
Dalyn's Baku - BU2 in Riverview
Dalyn's Baku - BU3 in Goldenrod
Dalyn's Baku - BU3 in Parade
Dalyn's Baku - BU3 in Taupe
Dalyn's Baku - BU4 in Ivory


Belize features a fancy, “balloon” yarn in a shag construction.

Dalyn's Belize - BZ100 in Fudge
Dalyn's Belize - BZ100 in Gold
Dalyn's Belize - BZ100 in Grey
Dalyn's Belize - BZ100 in Kiwi
Dalyn's Belize - BZ100 in Paprika
Dalyn's Belize - BZ100 in Plum
Dalyn's Belize - BZ100 in Red
Dalyn's Belize - BZ100 in Spa
Dalyn's Belize - BZ100 in Stone
Dalyn's Belize - BZ100 in Teal


Bondi is a chunky "cobblestone" wool rug with undyed, tonal wool foundation with vertical, space dyed, accent yarns.

Dalyn's Bondi - BD1 in Coffee
Dalyn's Bondi - BD1 in Kaleidoscope
Dalyn's Bondi - BD1 in Lakeview
Dalyn's Bondi - BD1 in Sunset
Dalyn's Bondi - BD1 in Turquoise


A casual sense of refinement best describes the Cabot Collection. Its sophisticated color combinations & multiple yarn systems offer an upscale warmth that works well in any room.

Dalyn's Cabot - CT1 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Cabot - CT1 in Gold
Dalyn's Cabot - CT1 in Grey
Dalyn's Cabot - CT1 in Moss
Dalyn's Cabot - CT1 in Navy
Dalyn's Cabot - CT1 in Paprika
Dalyn's Cabot - CT1 in Taupe
Dalyn's Cabot - CT1 in Teal


Calisa embraces simplicity for a flexible look. A variety of color combinations create visual depth and dimension while complementing your existing decor styling. The durable cut and loop wool offers years of performance with minimal routine care and maintenance.

Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Basil
Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Carbon
Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Chambray
Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Coffee
Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Desert
Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Fog
Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Indigo
Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Kaleidoscope
Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Kiwi
Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Lakeview
Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Meadow
Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Seaglass
Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Sunset
Dalyn's Calisa - CS5 in Turquoise


The DelMar collection consists of striking tonal designs that have been transformed into art for your floor.

Dalyn's Delmar - DM1 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Delmar - DM1 in Denim
Dalyn's Delmar - DM1 in Fern
Dalyn's Delmar - DM1 in Graphite
Dalyn's Delmar - DM2 in Aqua
Dalyn's Delmar - DM2 in Taupe
Dalyn's Delmar - DM3 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Delmar - DM3 in Graphite
Dalyn's Delmar - DM3 in Taupe
Dalyn's Delmar - DM4 in Amethyst
Dalyn's Delmar - DM4 in Aqua
Dalyn's Delmar - DM4 in Graphite
Dalyn's Delmar - DM4 in Paprika
Dalyn's Delmar - DM4 in Walnut


Formations taps into the fashion trend of utilizing design inspirations of natural geodes. High luster polyester shimmers alongside polypropylene field creating wonderfully colorful masterpieces.

Dalyn's Formations - FM2 in Citrine
Dalyn's Formations - FM3 in Beryl
Dalyn's Formations - FM4 in Agate
Dalyn's Formations - FM5 in Rosetta
Dalyn's Formations - FM6 in Geode
Dalyn's Formations - FM7 in Moonstruck


Our Fresca Collection is a new twist on traditional designs. Trending color ways give the distressing element an elegant, modern appeal that works well in any interior space. The softness enhances the rugs by making the richness of the designs and durable quality an incredible pairing. 

Dalyn's Fresca - FC10 in Putty
Dalyn's Fresca - FC11 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Fresca - FC12 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Fresca - FC14 in Taupe
Dalyn's Fresca - FC1 in Putty
Dalyn's Fresca - FC2 in Baltic
Dalyn's Fresca - FC2 in Spice
Dalyn's Fresca - FC3 in Ivory
Dalyn's Fresca - FC3 in Mocha
Dalyn's Fresca - FC4 in Paprika
Dalyn's Fresca - FC4 in Taupe
Dalyn's Fresca - FC5 in Silver
Dalyn's Fresca - FC5 in Spice
Dalyn's Fresca - FC6 in Putty
Dalyn's Fresca - FC7 in Baltic
Dalyn's Fresca - FC8 in Mocha
Dalyn's Fresca - FC8 in Pewter
Dalyn's Fresca - FC9 in Ivory


Gala features a warm collection of blues, greys, paprikas and chocolates in patterns from minimal to intricate. Sophisticated color mixing creates depth and visual texture.

Dalyn's Gala - GA10 in Ivory
Dalyn's Gala - GA10 in Navy
Dalyn's Gala - GA10 in Paprika
Dalyn's Gala - GA10 in Steel
Dalyn's Gala - GA1 in Mocha
Dalyn's Gala - GA1 in Navy
Dalyn's Gala - GA2 in Canyon
Dalyn's Gala - GA2 in Multi
Dalyn's Gala - GA3 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Gala - GA3 in Navy
Dalyn's Gala - GA3 in Steel
Dalyn's Gala - GA4 in Silver
Dalyn's Gala - GA5 in Ivory
Dalyn's Gala - GA6 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Gala - GA7 in Canyon
Dalyn's Gala - GA7 in Ivory
Dalyn's Gala - GA8 in Canyon
Dalyn's Gala - GA8 in Pewter
Dalyn's Gala - GA9 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Gala - GA9 in Navy


Our most luxurious collection, Galli features beautifully deconstructed patterns with colorful, shiny accent yarns.

Dalyn's Galli - GG10 in Indigo
Dalyn's Galli - GG11 in Champagne
Dalyn's Galli - GG12 in Celebration
Dalyn's Galli - GG13 in Punch
Dalyn's Galli - GG14 in Graphite
Dalyn's Galli - GG1 in Palooza
Dalyn's Galli - GG2 in Oyster
Dalyn's Galli - GG3 in Glacier
Dalyn's Galli - GG4 in Gunmetal
Dalyn's Galli - GG5 in Bronze
Dalyn's Galli - GG6 in Azure
Dalyn's Galli - GG7 in Pumice
Dalyn's Galli - GG8 in Baltic
Dalyn's Galli - GG9 in Desert


Geneva features upscale elegance with gently distressed patterns that look great in any room. Beautifully deep, warm hues of blue, taupe, paprika and chocolate bring fashionable warmth to any decor.

Dalyn's Geneva - GV1336 in Canyon
Dalyn's Geneva - GV1336 in Denim
Dalyn's Geneva - GV160 in Linen
Dalyn's Geneva - GV213 in Linen
Dalyn's Geneva - GV213 in Navy
Dalyn's Geneva - GV214 in Multi
Dalyn's Geneva - GV315 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Geneva - GV315 in Linen
Dalyn's Geneva - GV315 in Navy
Dalyn's Geneva - GV315 in Pewter
Dalyn's Geneva - GV4447 in Paprika
Dalyn's Geneva - GV4447 in Steel Blue
Dalyn's Geneva - GV4448 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Geneva - GV4448 in Teal
Dalyn's Geneva - GV524 in Linen
Dalyn's Geneva - GV524 in Navy
Dalyn's Geneva - GV702 in Linen
Dalyn's Geneva - GV702 in Paprika
Dalyn's Geneva - GV702 in Sky Blue
Dalyn's Geneva - GV702 in Taupe


The Gorbea Collection is made from chunky wool slub yarn. These incredible rugs are soft to the touch with a thick loop pile that’s perfect for any space.

Dalyn's Gorbea - GR1 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Gorbea - GR1 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Gorbea - GR1 in Latte
Dalyn's Gorbea - GR1 in Pewter
Dalyn's Gorbea - GR1 in Silver
Dalyn's Gorbea - GR1 in Vanilla


Luxurious shag pile featuring “cord-like” polyester fiber. The sheen of this rug will be sure to bring bling to any room.

Dalyn's Illusions - IL69 in Beige
Dalyn's Illusions - IL69 in Black
Dalyn's Illusions - IL69 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Illusions - IL69 in Gold
Dalyn's Illusions - IL69 in Grey
Dalyn's Illusions - IL69 in Ivory
Dalyn's Illusions - IL69 in Paprika
Dalyn's Illusions - IL69 in Red
Dalyn's Illusions - IL69 in Sky Blue
Dalyn's Illusions - IL69 in Taupe
Dalyn's Illusions - IL69 in Willow


Our top selling shag, Impact offers the perfect combination of beautiful colors and a fluffy soft touch.

Dalyn's Impact - IA100 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Impact - IA100 in Ivory
Dalyn's Impact - IA100 in Midnight
Dalyn's Impact - IA100 in Mushroom
Dalyn's Impact - IA100 in Navy
Dalyn's Impact - IA100 in Paprika
Dalyn's Impact - IA100 in Pewter
Dalyn's Impact - IA100 in Sand
Dalyn's Impact - IA100 in Silver
Dalyn's Impact - IA100 in Teal


The Infinity Collection consists of bold, saturated hues paired with classic geometric designs.  The simplistic styling uses minimal background colors accented with white which gives a clean, crisp element to the designs.

Dalyn's Infinity - IF1 in Citron
Dalyn's Infinity - IF1 in Cobalt
Dalyn's Infinity - IF1 in Pewter
Dalyn's Infinity - IF2 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Infinity - IF2 in Dandelion
Dalyn's Infinity - IF2 in Sky
Dalyn's Infinity - IF3 in Lime
Dalyn's Infinity - IF3 in Plum
Dalyn's Infinity - IF3 in Seaglass
Dalyn's Infinity - IF4 in Dandelion
Dalyn's Infinity - IF4 in Lava
Dalyn's Infinity - IF4 in Mocha
Dalyn's Infinity - IF4 in Peacock
Dalyn's Infinity - IF5 in Clover
Dalyn's Infinity - IF5 in Dolphin
Dalyn's Infinity - IF5 in Pumpkin


One word describes Joplin… soft! The perfect combination of tonal textures for the casual lifestyle.

Dalyn's Joplin - JP1 in Earth
Dalyn's Joplin - JP1 in Indigo
Dalyn's Joplin - JP1 in Pewter
Dalyn's Joplin - JP1 in Sunset


The Journey collection vocalizes style in a big way. Adaptable designs will elevate your room with fashionable colors and energetic patterns.

Dalyn's Journey - JR21 in Baltic
Dalyn's Journey - JR21 in Fern
Dalyn's Journey - JR21 in Graphite
Dalyn's Journey - JR21 in Khaki
Dalyn's Journey - JR22 in Black
Dalyn's Journey - JR22 in Ivory
Dalyn's Journey - JR24 in Black
Dalyn's Journey - JR30 in Baltic
Dalyn's Journey - JR30 in Pewter
Dalyn's Journey - JR31 in Earth
Dalyn's Journey - JR31 in Linen
Dalyn's Journey - JR31 in Silver
Dalyn's Journey - JR32 in Earth
Dalyn's Journey - JR40 in Baltic
Dalyn's Journey - JR40 in Black
Dalyn's Journey - JR40 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Journey - JR40 in Pewter


Korba brings a modern approach to classic patterns with tonal distressed look. Two classic patterns are offered with each available in 6 of todays most fashionable colors.

Dalyn's Korba - KB1 in Ash
Dalyn's Korba - KB1 in Copper
Dalyn's Korba - KB1 in Goldenrod
Dalyn's Korba - KB1 in Ivory
Dalyn's Korba - KB1 in Mocha
Dalyn's Korba - KB1 in Silver
Dalyn's Korba - KB4 in Linen
Dalyn's Korba - KB4 in Midnight
Dalyn's Korba - KB4 in Navy
Dalyn's Korba - KB4 in Red
Dalyn's Korba - KB4 in Silver
Dalyn's Korba - KB4 in Walnut


Laramie features rich colorations with areas of loop combined with random areas of plush pile. Additional texture and sheen come from the combination of wool and viscose yarns.

Dalyn's Laramie - LR100 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Laramie - LR100 in Fudge
Dalyn's Laramie - LR100 in Ivory
Dalyn's Laramie - LR100 in Linen
Dalyn's Laramie - LR100 in Navy
Dalyn's Laramie - LR100 in Robins Egg
Dalyn's Laramie - LR100 in Silver
Dalyn's Laramie - LR100 in Stone


LaVita’s patterns range from classic to contemporary and are infused with beautiful distressed flair. Shades of grey, blue and paprika are used throughout the collection along with a shiny silver accent yarn.

Dalyn's Lavita - LV160 in Linen
Dalyn's Lavita - LV206 in Linen
Dalyn's Lavita - LV206 in Navy
Dalyn's Lavita - LV4440 in Linen
Dalyn's Lavita - LV501 in Navy
Dalyn's Lavita - LV501 in Paprika
Dalyn's Lavita - LV501 in Pewter
Dalyn's Lavita - LV521 in Denim
Dalyn's Lavita - LV521 in Paprika
Dalyn's Lavita - LV522 in Linen
Dalyn's Lavita - LV522 in Pewter
Dalyn's Lavita - LV550 in Canyon
Dalyn's Lavita - LV550 in Pewter
Dalyn's Lavita - LV560 in Canyon
Dalyn's Lavita - LV560 in Teal
Dalyn's Lavita - LV5990 in Multi
Dalyn's Lavita - LV80 in Pewter
Dalyn's Lavita - LV90 in Multi


Mercier offers classic designs in modern day colorations with zero-pile construction and the distressed look and soft touch of an authentic antique.

Dalyn's Mercier - MR1 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Mercier - MR1 in Paprika
Dalyn's Mercier - MR2 in Baltic
Dalyn's Mercier - MR2 in Linen
Dalyn's Mercier - MR2 in Pewter
Dalyn's Mercier - MR2 in Spice
Dalyn's Mercier - MR3 in Navy
Dalyn's Mercier - MR3 in Stone
Dalyn's Mercier - MR4 in Indigo
Dalyn's Mercier - MR5 in Fiesta
Dalyn's Mercier - MR6 in Bombay
Dalyn's Mercier - MR6 in Mocha
Dalyn's Mercier - MR7 in Camel
Dalyn's Mercier - MR7 in Driftwood
Dalyn's Mercier - MR7 in Mink
Dalyn's Mercier - MR7 in Navy
Dalyn's Mercier - MR7 in Pool
Dalyn's Mercier - MR7 in Sky

Modern Greys

Modern Greys features beautiful shades of grey with splashes of teal, pink, oranges and yellows. Designs range from transitional to contemporary.

Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG214 in Linen
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG22 in Citron
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG22 in Teal
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG360 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG360 in Pewter
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG4441 in Plum
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG4441 in Teal
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG525 in Pewter
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG525 in Teal
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG531 in Graphite
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG5993 in Pewter
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG5993 in Teal
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG601 in Blush
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG601 in Lemon
Dalyn's Modern Greys - MG81 in Teal


Our Mojave Collection features hand spun / hand tufted wool with a subtle, tonal space dye. The raised cut pile gives Mojaves its unique texture and soft hand feel. Choose from 10 trending textured colors.

Dalyn's Mojave - MJ1 in Black
Dalyn's Mojave - MJ1 in Bronze
Dalyn's Mojave - MJ1 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Mojave - MJ1 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Mojave - MJ1 in Ivory
Dalyn's Mojave - MJ1 in Mushroom
Dalyn's Mojave - MJ1 in Navy
Dalyn's Mojave - MJ1 in Silver
Dalyn's Mojave - MJ1 in Walnut
Dalyn's Mojave - MJ1 in Wheat

Monaco Sisal

Simple yet elegant, Monaco Sisal features 3 different patterns to choose from – boucle, herringbone and popcorn weave. Choose from 20 of todays most popular natural/tonal colors.

Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC100 in Aloe
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC100 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC100 in Gold
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC100 in Honey
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC100 in Mocha
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC100 in Paprika
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC100 in Sandstone
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC100 in Taupe
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC200 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC200 in Ecru
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC200 in Linen
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC200 in Putty
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC300 in Ash
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC300 in Fudge
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC300 in Ivory
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC300 in Mushroom
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC300 in Navy
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC300 in Oatmeal
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC300 in Silver
Dalyn's Monaco Sisal - MC300 in Wheat


Montana is an artfully crafted faux animal collection that adds a rustic charm to even the chicest of décor. Its low profile, lustrous, polyester pile and non-skid backing are easy to clean and maintain.

Dalyn's Montana - MT1 in Angus
Dalyn's Montana - MT2 in Graphite
Dalyn's Montana - MT2 in Hereford
Dalyn's Montana - MT2 in Saddle
Dalyn's Montana - MT2 in Welsch
Dalyn's Montana - MT2 in Whiskey
Dalyn's Montana - MT3 in Pepper
Dalyn's Montana - MT4 in Cedar
Dalyn's Montana - MT5 in Galvanized
Dalyn's Montana - MT5 in Gold
Dalyn's Montana - MT5 in Maple
Dalyn's Montana - MT6 in Murray Grey
Dalyn's Montana - MT6 in Mocha
Dalyn's Montana - MT7 in Black
Dalyn's Montana - MT8 in Brindle
Dalyn's Montana - MT9 in Holstein


These ultra soft microfiber rugs are composed of extremely fine polyester. The plushness of this collection is a great addition to any home décor. 14 beautifully colored designs that range from traditional to transitionals.

Dalyn's Naples - NP1 in Ocean
Dalyn's Naples - NP2 in Pebblebrook
Dalyn's Naples - NP3 in Ash
Dalyn's Naples - NP3 in Indigo
Dalyn's Naples - NP3 in Taupe
Dalyn's Naples - NP4 in Pewter
Dalyn's Naples - NP5 in Mink
Dalyn's Naples - NP5 in Riverside
Dalyn's Naples - NP6 in Granite
Dalyn's Naples - NP7 in Dove
Dalyn's Naples - NP8 in Grotto
Dalyn's Naples - NP8 in Silver
Dalyn's Naples - NP9 in Moonbeam
Dalyn's Naples - NP9 in Seabreeze


Breathtaking designs with modern and abstract styling. Nebula has a rich, vibrant color pallet with exquisite detail of shimmering accents.

Dalyn's Nebula - NB1 in Deep Sea
Dalyn's Nebula - NB2 in Cobalt
Dalyn's Nebula - NB2 in Magenta
Dalyn's Nebula - NB3 in Amethyst
Dalyn's Nebula - NB4 in Celebration
Dalyn's Nebula - NB5 in Kiwi
Dalyn's Nebula - NB5 in Orchid
Dalyn's Nebula - NB5 in Rose Quartz
Dalyn's Nebula - NB5 in Saffron
Dalyn's Nebula - NB5 in Seaglass
Dalyn's Nebula - NB6 in Meadow
Dalyn's Nebula - NB7 in Lakeview
Dalyn's Nebula - NB8 in Opal


The Nepal collection features a multi-tonal, textural "sweater" weave. It is hand loomed of 100% wool and has a soft cotton backing.

Dalyn's Nepal - NL100 in Denim
Dalyn's Nepal - NL100 in Grey
Dalyn's Nepal - NL100 in Ivory
Dalyn's Nepal - NL100 in Mocha
Dalyn's Nepal - NL100 in Sand
Dalyn's Nepal - NL100 in Spice
Dalyn's Nepal - NL100 in Taupe


Pesario offers 3 transitional patterns in 4 colors each. A beautiful casual look with an incredibly soft hand.

Dalyn's Pesario - PE2 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Pesario - PE2 in Navy
Dalyn's Pesario - PE2 in Pewter
Dalyn's Pesario - PE2 in Taupe
Dalyn's Pesario - PE3 in Aloe
Dalyn's Pesario - PE3 in Black
Dalyn's Pesario - PE3 in Denim
Dalyn's Pesario - PE3 in Silver
Dalyn's Pesario - PE5 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Pesario - PE5 in Copper
Dalyn's Pesario - PE5 in Ivory
Dalyn's Pesario - PE5 in Mocha


Rafia’s beauty begins with its 100% wool yarns featuring multi tonal gabbeh dying. Each “active solid” rug has 4 to 6 shades of the base color for incredible texture with sophisticated simplicity.

Dalyn's Rafia - RF100 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Rafia - RF100 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Rafia - RF100 in Cobalt
Dalyn's Rafia - RF100 in Emerald
Dalyn's Rafia - RF100 in Granite
Dalyn's Rafia - RF100 in Kiwi
Dalyn's Rafia - RF100 in Linen
Dalyn's Rafia - RF100 in Mandarin
Dalyn's Rafia - RF100 in Plum
Dalyn's Rafia - RF100 in Taupe


Unleash your wild side and take your home décor to a new level with our Ranchero Collection. These bright (faux animal) hides are made of durable polyester (with a non-skid back) that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Dalyn's Ranchero - RH1 in Cobalt
Dalyn's Ranchero - RH1 in Denim
Dalyn's Ranchero - RH1 in Ginger
Dalyn's Ranchero - RH1 in Sage
Dalyn's Ranchero - RH1 in Teal


Reya’s multi color and tonal yarns offer an incredibly sophisticated color palette. The overall effect is the perfect casual and transitional visual for any decor.

Dalyn's Reya - RY7 in Carbon
Dalyn's Reya - RY7 in Desert
Dalyn's Reya - RY7 in Fog
Dalyn's Reya - RY7 in Fudge
Dalyn's Reya - RY7 in Kaleidoscope
Dalyn's Reya - RY7 in Lakeview
Dalyn's Reya - RY7 in Meadow
Dalyn's Reya - RY7 in Sunset
Dalyn's Reya - RY7 in Turquoise


Rocco features transitional designs with shades of greys, taupes and blues. Incredibly soft touch with an overall casual feel make this rug a sure bet.

Dalyn's Rocco - RC2 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Rocco - RC2 in Multi
Dalyn's Rocco - RC2 in Silver
Dalyn's Rocco - RC3 in Denim
Dalyn's Rocco - RC3 in Silver
Dalyn's Rocco - RC4 in Multi
Dalyn's Rocco - RC5 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Rocco - RC5 in Navy
Dalyn's Rocco - RC5 in Taupe
Dalyn's Rocco - RC6 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Rocco - RC6 in Navy
Dalyn's Rocco - RC7 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Rocco - RC7 in Multi
Dalyn's Rocco - RC7 in Navy
Dalyn's Rocco - RC8 in Ivory


The Rossini collection is modern abstract art for your floor. Each rug shimmers with the use of high luster accent yarns.

Dalyn's Rossini - RS112 in Ivory
Dalyn's Rossini - RS2060 in Orchid
Dalyn's Rossini - RS2060 in Tangerine
Dalyn's Rossini - RS20 in Grey
Dalyn's Rossini - RS521 in Multi
Dalyn's Rossini - RS5501 in Multi
Dalyn's Rossini - RS5501 in Teal
Dalyn's Rossini - RS8025 in Multi
Dalyn's Rossini - RS8026 in Orchid
Dalyn's Rossini - RS8026 in Tangerine
Dalyn's Rossini - RS8027 in Multi


Rou is an exquisite rug with breathtaking designs and shimmering silk like accents. This low profile rug is soft with a fresh color pallet.

Dalyn's Rou - RO1 in Brass
Dalyn's Rou - RO1 in Moonstruck
Dalyn's Rou - RO1 in Taupe
Dalyn's Rou - RO2 in Blush
Dalyn's Rou - RO2 in Goldenrod
Dalyn's Rou - RO2 in Meadow
Dalyn's Rou - RO2 in Mocha
Dalyn's Rou - RO3 in Denim
Dalyn's Rou - RO3 in Pewter
Dalyn's Rou - RO3 in Taupe
Dalyn's Rou - RO3 in Teal
Dalyn's Rou - RO4 in Cameo Blue
Dalyn's Rou - RO4 in Nugget
Dalyn's Rou - RO4 in Primrose


Seaside brings a nautical elegance to your home – Great coastal themed styling in crisp, clean colorations.

Dalyn's Seaside - SE10 in Baltic
Dalyn's Seaside - SE11 in Baltic
Dalyn's Seaside - SE11 in Ivory
Dalyn's Seaside - SE11 in Khaki
Dalyn's Seaside - SE12 in Baltic
Dalyn's Seaside - SE12 in Khaki
Dalyn's Seaside - SE12 in Salmon
Dalyn's Seaside - SE12 in Sky
Dalyn's Seaside - SE13 in Linen
Dalyn's Seaside - SE14 in Ivory
Dalyn's Seaside - SE8 in Baltic
Dalyn's Seaside - SE8 in Black
Dalyn's Seaside - SE8 in Linen
Dalyn's Seaside - SE9 in Ocean

St Croix

St Croix offers sophisticated, Moroccan inspired styling in an affordable, easy care, indoor/outdoor rug.

Dalyn's St Croix - SX1 in Indigo
Dalyn's St Croix - SX1 in Steel
Dalyn's St Croix - SX2 in Mocha
Dalyn's St Croix - SX2 in Paprika
Dalyn's St Croix - SX2 in Silver
Dalyn's St Croix - SX3 in Canyon
Dalyn's St Croix - SX3 in Indigo
Dalyn's St Croix - SX4 in Silver
Dalyn's St Croix - SX5 in Indigo
Dalyn's St Croix - SX5 in Paprika
Dalyn's St Croix - SX6 in Ash
Dalyn's St Croix - SX6 in Chocolate
Dalyn's St Croix - SX6 in Denim
Dalyn's St Croix - SX6 in Paprika
Dalyn's St Croix - SX7 in Chocolate
Dalyn's St Croix - SX7 in Indigo
Dalyn's St Croix - SX7 in Paprika
Dalyn's St Croix - SX7 in Pewter


Studio grabs your attention with minimal, transitional designs infused with lush textures. The dense cut pile gives a soft, plush overall feel while the design details add the texture of loop pile.

Dalyn's Studio - SD16 in Black
Dalyn's Studio - SD16 in Canyon
Dalyn's Studio - SD1 in Lime
Dalyn's Studio - SD1 in Mocha
Dalyn's Studio - SD1 in Paprika
Dalyn's Studio - SD21 in Black
Dalyn's Studio - SD21 in Ivory
Dalyn's Studio - SD23 in Khaki
Dalyn's Studio - SD301 in Aloe
Dalyn's Studio - SD301 in Linen
Dalyn's Studio - SD303 in Taupe
Dalyn's Studio - SD306 in Autumn
Dalyn's Studio - SD313 in Coastal Blue
Dalyn's Studio - SD4 in Cinnamon
Dalyn's Studio - SD4 in Ivory
Dalyn's Studio - SD5 in Ivory
Dalyn's Studio - SD5 in Spa
Dalyn's Studio - SD9 in Chocolate


Targon’s appeal is in its subtle sophistication that is at home in both formal and casual settings.

Dalyn's Targon - TA1 in Carbon
Dalyn's Targon - TA1 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Targon - TA1 in Desert
Dalyn's Targon - TA1 in Fog
Dalyn's Targon - TA1 in Kaleidoscope
Dalyn's Targon - TA1 in Meadow
Dalyn's Targon - TA1 in Navy
Dalyn's Targon - TA1 in Paprika
Dalyn's Targon - TA1 in Turquoise


Torino features 100% wool pile with sophisticated ombre shading.  A soft hand and beautiful shading gives this collection incredible value for today's casual lifestyle.

Dalyn's Torino - TI100 in Ash
Dalyn's Torino - TI100 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Torino - TI100 in Lime
Dalyn's Torino - TI100 in Navy
Dalyn's Torino - TI100 in Paprika
Dalyn's Torino - TI100 in Sand
Dalyn's Torino - TI100 in Taupe
Dalyn's Torino - TI100 in Teal


Toro is a beautifully hand-loomed loop and plush rug. Made of gabbeh dyed wool loops for multiple accent colors, and plush silky viscose for softness and base color.

Dalyn's Toro - TT100 in Denim
Dalyn's Toro - TT100 in Fern
Dalyn's Toro - TT100 in Mocha
Dalyn's Toro - TT100 in Paprika
Dalyn's Toro - TT100 in Sand
Dalyn's Toro - TT100 in Silver
Dalyn's Toro - TT100 in Teal


Upscale contemporary styling and sophisticated use of today’s hottest colors makes Upton perfect for today’s modern home.

Dalyn's Upton - UP1 in Pewter
Dalyn's Upton - UP2 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Upton - UP2 in Pewter
Dalyn's Upton - UP3 in Granite
Dalyn's Upton - UP3 in Pewter
Dalyn's Upton - UP4 in Canyon
Dalyn's Upton - UP5 in Pewter
Dalyn's Upton - UP5 in Spice
Dalyn's Upton - UP6 in Canyon
Dalyn's Upton - UP6 in Ocean
Dalyn's Upton - UP7 in Pewter


Utopia is the ultimate in relaxed style. Tonal variations and with incredible softness make Utopia impossible to resist.

Dalyn's Utopia - UT100 in Aloe
Dalyn's Utopia - UT100 in Black
Dalyn's Utopia - UT100 in Canyon
Dalyn's Utopia - UT100 in Fudge
Dalyn's Utopia - UT100 in Sand
Dalyn's Utopia - UT100 in Silver
Dalyn's Utopia - UT100 in Sky
Dalyn's Utopia - UT100 in Snow
Dalyn's Utopia - UT100 in Taupe
Dalyn's Utopia - UT100 in Terra Cotta


An ideal statement piece with a glamorous color palette.  Vibes is hand-tufted on a unique metallic base to add bling to any space.  

Dalyn's Vibes - VB1 in Black
Dalyn's Vibes - VB1 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Vibes - VB1 in Copper
Dalyn's Vibes - VB1 in Gold
Dalyn's Vibes - VB1 in Lime
Dalyn's Vibes - VB1 in Linen
Dalyn's Vibes - VB1 in Mushroom
Dalyn's Vibes - VB1 in Navy
Dalyn's Vibes - VB1 in Pewter
Dalyn's Vibes - VB1 in Plum
Dalyn's Vibes - VB1 in Punch
Dalyn's Vibes - VB1 in Teal


Virtues is a table tufted shag made of 100% polyester. These ultra soft microfiber rugs feature beautiful space dye colorways. 6 colors to choose from.

Dalyn's Virtues - VT1 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Virtues - VT1 in Coffee
Dalyn's Virtues - VT1 in Kaleidoscope
Dalyn's Virtues - VT1 in Lakeview
Dalyn's Virtues - VT1 in Midnight
Dalyn's Virtues - VT1 in Taupe


The rich colorations in Zen’s hand-tufted wool rug along with a vibrant and metallic yarn provide a great accent to any room. Enlighten your favorite space with this shimmery rug.

Dalyn's Zen - ZE1 in Black
Dalyn's Zen - ZE1 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Zen - ZE1 in Copper
Dalyn's Zen - ZE1 in Gold
Dalyn's Zen - ZE1 in Linen
Dalyn's Zen - ZE1 in Lime
Dalyn's Zen - ZE1 in Mushroom
Dalyn's Zen - ZE1 in Navy
Dalyn's Zen - ZE1 in Pewter
Dalyn's Zen - ZE1 in Plum
Dalyn's Zen - ZE1 in Punch
Dalyn's Zen - ZE1 in Teal


Simple yet intriguing. Zion’s subtle minimal approach gives your home a lovely, yet casual accent.

Dalyn's Zion - ZN1 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Zion - ZN1 in Midnight
Dalyn's Zion - ZN1 in Mocha
Dalyn's Zion - ZN1 in Mushroom
Dalyn's Zion - ZN1 in Navy
Dalyn's Zion - ZN1 in Pewter
Dalyn's Zion - ZN1 in Silver
Dalyn's Zion - ZN1 in Spice
Dalyn's Zion - ZN1 in Taupe
Dalyn's Zion - ZN1 in Teal


Made from space dyed wool the Zoe Collection features cut and loop pile. Choose from 8 vibrant colors of hand-tufted diamond shaped patterns.

Dalyn's Zoe - ZZ1 in Charcoal
Dalyn's Zoe - ZZ1 in Chocolate
Dalyn's Zoe - ZZ1 in Gold
Dalyn's Zoe - ZZ1 in Lime
Dalyn's Zoe - ZZ1 in Navy
Dalyn's Zoe - ZZ1 in Orange
Dalyn's Zoe - ZZ1 in Punch
Dalyn's Zoe - ZZ1 in Teal
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